krikor.rock hard in a funky place

  • Model: Maxi-vinyle KTDJ006
  • Artist: krikor
  • Music Genre: electro

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"rock hard in a funky place" is a buried treasure from the ktdj vaults that proved, and still proves (how many tracks still sound fresh after 4 years?) how much krikor is free-spirited. like us, he tries not to belong anywhere. and all together: shaaaake your chains!!!!! the big rocker (the eponymous track by a.e may have been one of the reason the treasure was kept buried-it's all forgotten now) is complemented by two furious interpretations: the 94 east genius edit by krikor himself, shows another sparkling side to his personality. in a way closer to his france copland works, it operate a ghetto switch: from booty detroit to jackin chicago. and the wind blows hard, believe issakidis, formerly of the micronauts, one of the unsung hero of the french scene , provides us with a fierce slow industrial mix which will please all from ewan pearson to manu le malin. the new nu-beat indeed... this was an easy prece of wrinting. yeah, for once, the title says it all.

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